Lebanese Garden: Serving you tasty Lebanese Foods

Lebanese Garden: Serving you tasty Lebanese Foods

Lebanese Garden: Serving you tasty Lebanese Foods

Are you looking for a Lebanese Restaurant to satisfy your Lebanese food cravings? Are you planning to host an event and invite guests that love Lebanese cuisine? Then the perfect restaurant for you is the Lebanese Garden!

Where is the Lebanese Garden located?

You can find this treasure at 360 College St Toronto, ON M5S 2M8 Canada. Those unfamiliar with the address can locate it across the Toronto Fire Station and Kensington Health.

What type of food is available on the Lebanese Garden menu?

The customers can choose from a variety of foods off the menu, including wraps, vegetarian dishes, and off-the-grill food like the famous chicken fillet, one of the most ordered foods by the customers. They also offer salad made with vegetables. Salad platters (served with your choice of 2 salad and sauce) and Meal platters (served with rice, your choice of 2 vegetarian items, pita bread, and dressing) are also part of the menu. They offer grain, soup, desserts, and snacks. Most importantly, one of the restaurant’s best types of food is its dips and sauces. The dips and sauces play an integral part in serving and eating food, and one of the best sauces offered by the Lebanese Garden is the Traditional Toum Sauce.

What they do and who they are

The Lebanese Garden is a restaurant that provides dine-in, takeout, and catering services. They are the best go-to restaurant for people who love Lebanese cuisine prepared carefully with the best ingredients. The dishes are guaranteed to be nutritious and delicious!

The best thing about Lebanese Garden is that their meals can be eaten by people with various food preferences, which makes the restaurant very customer-friendly.

As a restaurant that offers catering services, the Lebanese Garden team aids in event planning and guarantees that all food caterers take care of each guest. They ensure that everything is perfect and according to plan, which gives you a chance to focus on the event and audience. You can leave the catering to them!

With over 25 years of experience in the food industry, the Lebanese Garden is the sought-after caterer for the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and downtown care.

The Lebanese Garden is one of the best restaurants and catering services. Their food and service are top-notch, as if each person and ingredient is in perfect sync. Most remarkable is the way they offer their nutritious food, and at the same time delicious!

Hurry, and book our catering services today by visiting our website at https://lebanesegarden.ca/ or giving us a call at 416-551-1553.

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