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Healthcare Workers: Lebanese Garden Gives Back

healthcare workers

The pandemic has been a long and challenging journey. Although it has taken a toll on us, the crisis may soon end thanks to healthcare workers across Canada. More people are getting vaccinated every day to ensure safety against COVID-19. Healthcare workers spend hours at risk for our safety and deserve our appreciation. As a token of gratitude, Lebanese Garden aims to give back to local Vaccine Clinics by making healthy, cost-free lunch boxes.

Healthy Lunch Boxes for Healthcare Workers

These lunch boxes are handy and nutritious. They contain fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, and other side dishes. The lunch boxes, along with refreshments, are delivered daily to the vaccination clinics in Toronto. Our healthcare heroes deserve to spend their noon break eating a hearty lunch from Lebanese Garden. They risk their health for our safety, so it’s time we gave back to them.

Giving Back to the Community

By supporting Vaccine Clinics, we provide healthy, fresh foods for medical staff to enjoy. They deal with hundreds of patients daily, so they need all the energy they can get. We also save them the time and effort of making and packing their lunches. Healthy food is not cheap, and three meals a day can take a lot out of their paycheck. These lunch boxes help them save money, time, and resources so they can focus on the lives they’re saving.

Healthcare professionals are already busy helping our communities. Lebanese Garden aims to support them too. A lunch box may only be a box that contains food, but it can change the lives of our front-line heroes.

Help out today by visiting us or getting your vaccine at one of the local Vaccine Clinics in Toronto!

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